Specialty Shipping, Trucking & Freight Services

We offer specialty shipping, trucking & freight services to extend our focus on your unique business needs. Our specialty shipping services include the following:

  • Job Site Delivery
  • Equipment Deliveries
  • Auto Transportation
  • RV Transportation
  • Job Trailer Transportation
  • Drive Away / Driver-only - Customer provides truck and trailer

Water Filtration Equipment Transport

This specialty freight shipment of water filtration equipment was transported from Minnesota to Ohio. The high-value load, ($300,000.00 per load value), was permitted for width only. All five trucks were loaded at the same time, all delivering at the same time. Thanks to this good group of drivers!

Specialty Shipping Rates

GW Transportation leverages its "hands on" focus to provide competitive specialty shipping rates. Learn more about how we can improve your shipping and freight process and reduce costs by filling out an online quote form or by calling us at (877) 260-1595.