What’s Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource?

What’s Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource?

Crete Carrier does a great job of recognizing its freight hauling and trucking services experts.

A lot of companies will talk about how important their employees are, but how many actually put it on a moving billboard?

That’s pretty much what Crete Carrier has done to recognize its drivers. Maybe you’ve seen the trailers being pulled down the highways. They say in big bold letters, “Our Most Valuable Resource Sits Here,” with an arrow pointing to the tractor.

When we saw this on the road we just had to take a picture, which you see accompanying this article.

It’s a reminder to us all, no matter which part of the transportation industry we’re in, to make sure we recognize and reward the trucking experts at all levels of our business. A recent study found that over 70 percent of high performers in organizations don’t even know they’re high performers—because no one told them!

Sure, we all know how many people it takes to source a truck, load it, put it on the road and get to the destination in a timely, safe manner. But we also often take all those moving parts for granted because we’re focused on the “it” (the load) more than the “who” (the people).

When we say, “reward and recognize,” our brains automatically go to money in some form, whether it’s regular compensation or bonuses of some sort. But rewarding goes much further than that, and the little things that leaders do make all the difference for employees at every level.

More than your facilities, trucks or product, your people are your brand. You need them engaged because everything they say and do—in the office or out on the road—is a commercial for your company.

Not surprisingly, Crete Carrier walks its talk. In fact, the company received the 2013 Nebraska American Legion Employer of Veterans Award for establishing an outstanding record of employing and retaining veterans. They seem to be doing a swell job of employing and retaining employees, and one of the major factors for the company’s success is an ongoing commitment to its drivers and other trucking service employees.

This sets the benchmark for the rest of us in the industry. You may not have the time or resources to paint your trailers, but you sure can take a few minutes today to acknowledge those people who keep you in business.