Sourcing a Third-Party Logistics Company

Sourcing a Third-Party Logistics Company
Transportation and shipping is one of the biggest industries in the U.S., with spending totaling more than a trillion dollars each year.
Just as technology has transformed every other sector, it has also given transportation providers the ability to monitor shipments and streamline operations, allowing for more accurate quotes and better insights into the process. But, technology alone doesn’t take the place of an experienced, knowledgeable team.
We know that sourcing a third-party logistics company can be an overwhelming process. There are so many things to consider, you may not know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you begin your search for third-party logistics services.

Customized Solution

For any solutions provider, a one-size-fits-all approach is easiest. Instead of learning about an individual company and tailoring services to fit, a provider can simply roll out the same set of services for everyone. In the transportation industry, though, one size does not fit all.
Each company’s shipping needs are different, as is every trucking company’s client base. For that reason, it’s essential to find a logistics solutions provider that learns as much as possible about what a client needs and tailors a solution to fit. Your logistics provider should be personalized to meet your own unique environment, with the ability to coordinate a wide variety of truckload types and special handling.

Personalized Service

Attention to detail is vital in any solutions provider, but this is especially true with logistics. Long after new processes are in place, you should feel comfortable picking up the phone to ask for help with any questions you have. From the start, you should understand what you can expect from your provider.
Look for a solutions provider that places an emphasis on customer service. Anyone offering services to businesses should see 100 percent satisfaction as a top priority. This includes answering any questions you have on the front end and providing any training you’ll need. Find out what type of customer support is available and how they handle emergencies. 

Proven Track Record

As you’re searching for a provider, you may notice that many mention the years they’ve been in business. There’s a reason for that. A history in the industry is key to understanding the ins and outs of freight transportation. Check to ensure the company has existing relationships with a variety of carriers so that they can help you find the service and pricing you need.
Protecting your freight during a shipment is also a key to success. Established logistics providers know that accidents can happen and seek insurance and a take the necessary precautions needed to protect you in the event of a loss. The vehicle and your cargo should be covered and there should be a vetting process to ensure your cargo is being handled by responsible drivers. Experienced logistics companies are aware of the importance of this.
Choosing a transportation logistics provider takes time and research. The good news is, once you find a good partner, you’ll be able to enjoy years of reliable service. Make sure you consider more than cost on the front end to avoid having to start the same search process once your contract has ended.
At GW Transportation Services, we think of ourselves as logistics problem solvers. In fact, you might even say that we like a good challenge. If you’re looking for a third-party logistics provider, contact us at (877) 260-1595 or fill out our quick quote form