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Gary Quinn

Gary QuinnSales

They say you need to be competitive to be a good salesman. Well, Gary likes “beating the younger guys in the office at racquetball” to satisfy his competitive nature. He’s been with, or near, GW since the beginning, spending 10 years with the company soon after it was founded, then building his own company with his wife. He always stayed connected with Gordy Wetter (GW’s founder) and Lance Wetter, returning to GW in 2002. Gary’s favorite part of his job is meeting people—“really getting to know a person”—while he’s out finding and helping GW customers. He and his wife had enough time between companies to drive a 40-foot RV around the country, and would like to do it again someday. Key West is Gary’s wife’s favorite place, so chances are you might see them once again at the KOA near Florida Mile Marker 20.