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Brian Wolf

Brian WolfDispatch

Brian has been in the business for many years, after starting out in shipping at a major telecom, so he knows what it takes to be a reliable player in the industry. “It’s a good diversity of business here,” he says. “And GW is so reliable because it went from a trucking company to a brokerage. That’s a good background.” He’s worked with GW since 2003 and welcomes the challenges of keeping customers happy by finding different trucks for different lanes. As hard as Brian works, he makes sure to put time into play, as well. A newlywed, Brian and his wife Cindy indulge their love for animals with two horses and three dogs. When they aren’t taking care of their animals and grandkids, Brian and his wife spend time at their laid-back cabin, where they can ride their Harleys and relax. Still, among his many accomplishments, Brian believes his loyalty throughout his career is one of his best attributes.